Reality tv affecting teens

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Throughout the years reality TV has become popular and it has attracted different age groups. But one group that reality TV attracts would be teens.

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As television shows that are categorized under reality TV become increasingly popular, teens in our society begin to become exposed to sex, drugs and vulgar language at younger and younger ages. Two of the biggest negative aspects may include the change in their self-esteem and lack of focus on what is important in the real world. As reality TV continues to become widespread, it becomes an easier for teens to become obsessed with the different shows that are easily available for them to watch.

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Of the many aspects of American culture reflected in reality television, actual reality is not one of them. It may also influence the way they perceive their own relationships and their understanding of the way the real world works. In terms of high drama, for instance, girls who watched reality TV came to expect it in their regular lives.

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On average, a teen will watch 28 hours of television per week, adding up to almost 15, hours a year. With reality TV being so popular, teens are getting exposed to things like sex, drugs and vulgar language at younger and younger ages. As a society we have idolized being famous and having a lot of money.

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For the past decade, reality television programming has dominated the television market while inherently giving the impression that what occurs on the screen is in fact reality. Although mature audiences may be savvy about the differences between reality and reality television, for children and adolescents, these differences can be less clear. It is important to know what values youth are ascertaining from reality television, as studies have suggested that these media images may have a negative impact on adolescent values.

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Reality TV is the current trend on TV that has brought back the buzz to television, but it also has unforeseen effects on its viewers. These shows range from singing talents, overcome their fears, to looks and beauty. Reality TV brings drama and voyeurism to its viewers by making its viewers.

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Haley Moreaustaff writer December 11, With that being said, some high schoolers love these shows, and others have a very different viewpoint. Either way, the shows.

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It's a similar story for 8th grader Zoe Casseday. And from 8th grader Alexa Thurwalker comes this reality check, "All they do is talk trash about each other. Some professionals say it's a dangerous trend. We are teaching them values that are really basically false by and large," said psychiatrist Harvy Rosenstock.

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Reality Television and how it can influence the behavior of youth and teens There is no doubt that when it comes to American youth television is one of the biggest influences by far. Many parents would love to say that their child does not watch that much TV but in reality they are spending a lot of time watching television or using media in some way.

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