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Bitcoin—and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole—plunged this year, after a gravity-defying surge in recent years. And then in earlyit began to fall. So what happened?

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You graduate. You get a job. You get married.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. The Truisms of Wellness.

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Too many of us feel betrayed at some point in our lives. It can happen in so many ways, with different people. He was loyal, he trusted someone's can't fail-advice, and they betrayed him for their own profit.

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I have a friend who just got back on the market. Not unreasonable, right? Sex comes first, a date comes way later, and only if he really likes you.

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Motivational quotes are extremely popular. Millions of people gain inspiration from people who have been there and done that incredibly well. Thanks to all the readers who encouraged me to collect these in one post, here are motivational quotes broken down into categories to inspire you and your followers to greater levels of success, leadership, happiness, gratitude, and self-confidence.

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My first day in Hell is drawing to a close. Most of the demons are asleep now, their pointy tails curled up around them. The day started off at a party at the Chelsea Hotel, where some friends were daring me to do something.

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Residents across the US are expressing a new kind of anxiety and fear after two back-to-back mass shootings took place over the weekend. On Saturdayat least 20 people were killed and 26 were injured in El Paso, Texas, in an apparent act of terrorism. On Sunday morning, nine people were killed and 27 more were injured in Dayton, Ohio. Americans who went to bed with news alerts of the first mass shooting, then woke up to alerts of a second mass shooting, are posting online that they "don't feel safe anywhere.

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W hen I was like four years old, despite my mother warning me not to, I put my finger on a hot stove. The stove was red and bright and shiny and I knew yummy food came from it, so the allure was irresistible. That day I learned an important lesson: really hot things suck.

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Feeling or Emotion— While selecting a romantic partner, INTPs should be careful not to charge themselves with emotions. By Marie Kim, June 29th INTPs are independent, reserved, and live in a world of ideas.