Distant recurrence breast cancer

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A breast cancer recurrence, or "recurrent breast cancer," is cancer that has come back in the same or opposite breast or chest wall after a period of time when the cancer couldn't be detected. During surgery to remove an original diagnosis of breast cancer lumpectomy or mastectomythe surgeon removes all the cancer that can be seen and felt. But tests for cancer aren't sensitive enough to detect tiny groups of cancer cells that may be left over after surgery.

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Recurrent breast cancer is breast cancer that comes back after initial treatment. Although the initial treatment is aimed at eliminating all cancer cells, a few may have evaded treatment and survived. These undetected cancer cells multiply, becoming recurrent breast cancer.

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Most people diagnosed with breast cancer will never have a breast cancer recurrence return of breast cancer. However, everyone who has had breast cancer is at risk of recurrence. Talk with your health care provider about your risk of breast cancer recurrence and things that may lower your risk.

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Lundin, and J. In such estimations, tumors detected by mammography screening are considered to be associated with a similar risk of recurrence as tumors of similar size found by other methods. The median follow-up time was 9.

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By Charlotte Bath January 25, Advertisement. King is the Anne E. The symposium was hosted by the Robert H.

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Worldwide, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. The incidence of breast cancer increased initially, beginning in the s, then levelled off over the last two decades, and recently the mortality from this disease has been slowly decreasing. Interestingly, patients who had HR-negative, highly proliferative disease had a higher risk of relapse in the first five years after diagnosis; subsequently, their relapse rate sharply declined.

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For some women, breast cancer may come back after treatment — sometimes years later. This is called a recurrence. Recurrence can be local in the same breast or in the surgery scarregional in nearby lymph nodesor in a distant area.

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Metastases of breast carcinoma to the main bronchus and choroid are rare, but have been reported in relevant literature. Late distant recurrence of breast carcinoma after more than 20 years is extremely rare. Herein, we report a year-old woman with late distant recurrence and metastasis to the main bronchus and choroid almost 28 years after surgery.

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Skip to Content. A recurrence occurs when the cancer comes back after treatment. This can happen weeks, months, or even years after the primary or original cancer was treated.

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The recurrence of breast cancer is something no one wants to face. The majority of individuals diagnosed with breast cancer will never experience recurrence of their disease. However, if it does happen, breast cancer recurrence can be effectively treated most of the time. Key factors are the type and location of the recurrence.


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