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Thursday 08 August Shares. Makayla last name not being disputed because of legal issues is beyond happy that shes fucked jadakiss also known as jadaa rapper worth 6 million. Sources also say he fucked another girl that starts wit A "A" her name is not being published in this article we will be back with more information later about the next victim.

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With your family at the re-pass My condolences My heart's getting colder When I hug your mom and look over her shoulder You notice I got the, blank face I heard nothing, I ain't seen nothing I ain't in the middle with nothin', no in between nothin' F y'all for ever hating me As I sit there while they interrogate me I'm staring at 'em with the blank face [Eddie Kane] [ScHoolboy Q] Top rack nigga and the money came with it huh New bitch with me, hope the booty came with it, came with it Uh, rims flying down the road huh Five in the morning, feds knockin' on my door huh Toilet full of dope, while my burner knee high Tell me put the gun down, I'm probably gonna die I know, I know, big guns sell dope Eddie Kane's little bro, hundred k, one whip, hah Open Eddie Kane for hire Been tryna get rich for hours Nights like this I wish Cocaine drops would fall, woo, woo, woo, woo Gang bang it, don't slang it GTA-ing, shoot the whole club up Fuck tryna sneak the K in On the road to riches Thank you Mister Reagan You helped them dollars rake in And to my uncle that hooked up the family That shit that you was smokin' I was pushin' residue like on the cushion I'mma blame it on your ass cause I ain't gettin' whoopings And your proof is in the pudding I'm his grandma's baby, Eddie Kane Eddie Kane, Eddie Kane Standing in the white light and we on And we on And is there any other smokers in here? And we on And is there any other smokers in here?

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Me or Yourself? I just wanna know one thing! Who you mad at? Me or yourself?!

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Testo Dope House powered by Musixmatch. Home Chinx feat. Jadakiss Testo Dope House.

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Fuck y'all niggas talkin 'bout huh? Like I won't run up and break your jaw like they make a vest for your head to stop the 4 I'm tired of rappin, let's get the mack and send niggas on vacation right in front of the radio station motherfuckers aint quiet til the tech go off arteries hitted, hawkin, they neck is shit I'm the motherfuckin hardest I smack the shit out of any one of your artists whatever the label y'all niggas don't want beef, y'all want meat at the table and I don't give a fuck, Sheek'll do life in the box before any of y'all bitch niggas front on the LOX What? Motherfuckers, c'mon [Jadakiss] Yo, If I miss your head and your neck, I'll hurt your chest if you from the streets betrayal is worse than death and I'm known for gettin money, not known for wildin but I'm real I could rock both phones in the island this is how we even the bets I kill everything you love dog, right now, even the pets everything got dubs on it, even the vets 50 close, then 50 wide, even the sets cuz the bullets is like calisthenics when I'm squirtin when they start hurtin, that means they workin only way we comin is hard industry is like jail nigga, double R's runnin the yard, uh.

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DMX feat. Stupid is as stupid does -- cocksucker WHAT? And look what being stupid does, get you shot sucker WHAT? I let you get too close and you bit me uh I told you nah for too long, you tried to hit me Thought you was wit me uhh Well you might as well forget me, cause from this point on uh-huh it's war, it won't stop until one of us is gone" c'mon!

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Excuse me, guys! The Lox! Excuse me!

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