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Anime and manga hold a strange allure for teens. Did we already feel like outcasts before we got sucked in? It feels less like coincidence and more like logic that many of the anime and manga lovers I knew as a teen and have met since!

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You can share titles that aren't centered around sexuality or gender. It doesn't even have to be canon. Try to specify whether you're recommending the anime or manga version.

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I have decided to show my support by compiling a list of some awesome lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered anime and manga characters. Nathan brings new meaning to the word flaming—both literally and figuratively. Aside from his flair for the theatrical, Nathan is also an amazing character for his relatability.

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LGBT portrayals in Japan are so rare that comics and anime have become lifelines for queer youth there, writes Kyle Knight of Human Rights Watch, who helped create a new manga series that celebrates sexual and gender diversity. A lot of the websites he found were about medical procedures — but he just wanted information, maybe even a role model. Further north, in Osaka, Aiko, a year-old transgender university student, told me a similar story. When she was 17 and in high school, she happened upon a manga book featuring a transgender character.

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The world of anime is a diverse one, as the medium tells just as many deep, socially relevant and important stories as it does light heart-eyed or action-packed fare. To get started you need to know your terminology. Shounen-ai is boys love, while shoujo-ai is girls love.

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In terms of sheer quantity, there are a lot more queer characters in anime than there are in American cartoons. Until recently, queer representation in American animation has faced two ridiculous obstacles: the idea that cartoons are just for kids, and the idea that it's inappropriate to expose kids to the existence of queer people. Thankfully that first obstacle started being challenged in the '90s with shows like The Simpsons and South Parkand the second obstacle's being challenged now thanks to shows like Steven Universe and The Loud House.

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In a nation where patriarchy remains strong, Boys' Love homoerotic manga and other fictional media give women and girls a world of escapism from societal constraints. Walk into the manga section of your local Japanese bookstore and the overwhelming image you will see is one of a wide-eyed girl with impossible melon breasts in an available position. Even before one brushstroke of word or picture is written, the assumption is clear that girls exist to titillate men, whether they be characters, readers, or the wider patriarchal society as a whole.

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These genres can be pretty cool in their own right, but they can also feature some unrealistic tropes that don't necessarily pop up in mainstream anime, and they aren't widely consumed by anime fans. However, yaoi and yuri aren't the only places to find queer anime characters. Their relationship is pretty obvious in the original series. In the dubthe couple's closeness is explained by the "fact" that they're cousins.


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