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Prior to bearing all five of my children, I was a wild child. My poor mom. Meanwhile, there was me.

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Why do i feel so poor after watching this video? I don't have south american subscribersSaiko:i am a joke for you? The real question is, why do you dislike Eminem?

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This makes you wish for a real Vader film during the events after episode 3 I mean, it's got to be coming It's even more obvious than a Obiwan movie I could not care less about episode 9 at this point First thing you did wrong is you didn't start with a full serving of the films Dominion with a side of Earthlings That's embarrassing You also should have talked to some actual vegans Wait I thought he just had 12 million and now he has 13?! My three year old niece told me that sprinkles are for winners! Get stated with Black Belt KarateA knife can be kicked out off the hand off attacker " Blunt knife cause worse injury Sick!

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I dress to not get skin rash when some jerk on their cell phone pulls right out in front of my motorcycle. Recall the Ex is a flake -- the husband divorced her for a reason. And the non-job in Australia, and becoming homeless -- are more examples of the flakiness in action.

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Who would make a better movie Multimillion dollar company or some fany boisFuck you disney, you fucking cunts What a beautiful human being what a life! How he guess mah emojiii? HE looking through my camera Silly, those weren't boyshorts They were bikinis SO FAKE LOL every one of his video has girls in tight shorts and pants Also he always blurs their face lol so fakewho would blurr people's face without them asking for it?

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Boilerplant wrote: Been truly feeling this periodical of Delila but now she is completley naked Yeah, I must've been out fetching a virtuoso once they showed her getting that garment ripped off of her. Hollywood chicks go for ascending politicians the whole alpha male thing, I guess.

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An officer adds in his report: An officer added: The ealing licencing sub-committee will review pub licence at 6pm today. We stripper for your stories! LA Confidential in Ealing, West London, has been ordered to shut its doors after dancers were found to be acting inappropriately with clients.

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