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The days when sleepovers conjured up images of giggling teenage girls painting their toenails and talking about boys have pretty much gone the way of baby-doll pajamas. These days, parents are routinely asked to make decisions about sleepovers with guest lists that include boys and girls. Kim Estes, founder of Savvy Parents Safe Kidssays questions about sleepovers are the most common questions she gets from parents.

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Teen girls love sleepover parties. They're a fun time that allows a bunch of friends to sleep over at one teen's home, though they really don't get very much sleep. Instead, they party all night.

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As spring turns to summer, high school prom season is in full swing, and there are inevitably more parents hosting slumber parties and sending their kids to sleepovers. I was speaking last week at a book event for my book The Myth of the Perfect Girlwhen one parent asked me what I thought about sleepovers. A lively discussion ensued.

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You will need to plan organized activities as part of the night's agenda to keep teen girls from putting your house in disarray. Encourage your teen and her friends to engage in all kinds of fun before they retire for the night. Give the teenage girls full access to your kitchen to prepare their own desserts as part of the party's menu. Let the teens bake their own batch of cupcakes and individually decorate their cupcakes.

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Don't just read these titles and think, been there done that. We've added a little twist to each birthday party activity. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

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When your teen has a sleepover there's a good chance he or she will resist any ideas for games or projects while their friends are over. Try some of these fun ideas to make it a memorable night without embarrassing your teen with "stuff for little kids. While many people assume all teens like the same thing, the fact is that not all teens find the same things entertaining.

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Organizing the perfect slumber party for your kid, tween or teen? Or maybe you're a teen yourself and you're looking for some inspiration to really impress your friends! Well, there are some awesome ideas out there on how to throw a trendy and unforgettable slumber party!

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And at some point someone would suggest you all play Chubby Bunny, even though none of you even really liked marshmallows. And you'd speculate over who'd already got their period, who had started wearing a bra, and who really needed to start wearing deodorant. With any luck, you'd come across something you weren't supposed to know and you'd gossip about it for weeks. She'd be the one shushing you every time she thought she could hear grown ups moving in the other room.

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Fun Tip. Ask each of your friends who are coming over for the sleepover to think of a game that you can play. That way, you will have a lot of choices without having to do anything much.

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