Facts abou tbone nutrtion in teens

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You probably heard "drink your milk" all the time from your parents when you were a kid, and you knew it was good for you. But now you may opt for sodas or sports drinks, and other than adding a splash to your morning Wheaties, you don't give much thought to milk. But your parents were right to make you drink milk when you were little.

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Being a teenager can be fun, but it can also be difficult as your body shape changes. There can be pressure from friends to be or look a certain way, and this might affect the foods you eat. Following a sensible, well-balanced diet is a much better option, both for now and in the long term.

Adolescence is the transition period between childhood and adulthood, a window of opportunity for the improvement of nutritional status and correcting poor nutritional practices. This is about the same period puberty sets in, typically between the ages of 10 and 13 years in girls. Adolescence is characterised by the growth spurta period in which growth is very fast. Adolescent nutrition is therefore important for supporting the physical growth of the body and for preventing future health problems.

Students learn about the nutritional needs of our bones and muscles, and how to make healthy food choices, especially in terms of getting enough calcium. Lessons from the guide may be used with other grade levels as deemed appropriate. Food provides energy to the body for growth, maintenance and activity.

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But building healthy bones by adopting healthy nutritional and lifestyle habits in childhood is important to help prevent osteoporosis and fractures later in life. The health habits your kids are forming now can make, or literally break, their bones as they age. Bone is living tissue that changes constantly, with bits of old bone being removed and replaced by new bone.

Victorian government portal for older people, with information about government and community services and programs. Type a minimum of three characters then press UP or DOWN on the keyboard to navigate the autocompleted search results. Unfortunately, many Australian teenagers have an unbalanced diet.

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During the teenage years, the growing bones absorb more calcium from the blood than at any other time of life. By early adulthood, our bones stop accepting deposits. Not long after that, the gradual loss of calcium begins.

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Back to Healthy body. Children's bones keep growing throughout childhood. They grow fastest during toddlerhood and puberty.

If decoding the information on a food package is a challenge for adults, think of how hard it is for teens who are just beginning to make choices for themselves. Give your teens help as they become more aware of what they're putting in their bodies. A wealth of information greets a health-conscious label reader in the Nutrition Facts portion of a food package.


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