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Kendra Van Wagner-About. Interesting to compare them to Helen Fisher's work. After reading her analysis of the fMRI, these seem a bit incomplete.

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Or browse results titled :. The Color Wheel Theory. Contact The Color Wheel Theory.

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Love may be one of the most complex emotions we humans experience in our lifetimes. It takes, it gives; love has always found ways to take our breath away, in moments we never thought would be possible. Even the most greatest of poets had trouble desribing that warm, fuzzy feeling we all get when we look into the eyes of our beloved.

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John Lee, in his book of Colours of Love published indeveloped the 6 love types that resonate with most relationships. Each style of Love is seen in differently in relationships and at time can be seen multiple times with in a relationship. The following paragraphs will define the terms, shows a visual illustration of the concept, and have an example of the love type. Most of Eros style of love is seen in movies where two characters meet and fall in love.

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The color wheel theory of love is an idea created by Canadian psychologist John Alan Lee that describes six styles of love[1] using several of the Latin and Greek words for love. First introduced in his book Colours of Love: An Exploration of the Ways of LovingLee defines three primary, three secondary and nine tertiary love styles, describing them in terms of the traditional color wheel. The three primary types are erosludus and storgeand the three secondary types are maniapragma and agape.

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This article originally appeared in Sojourners. Do you want a cappuccino, an espresso, a skinny latte, or maybe an iced caramel macchiato? The ancient Greeks were just as sophisticated in the way they talked about love, recognizing six different varieties.

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What do you think about when you think about love? Having a life partner? A close friendship maybe?

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The theory of six love styles was developed by John A. Lee in his book Colours of Love. According to the theory, different individuals approach love relationships in different ways. Lee used the following Greek words to describe the six different styles:.

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There are many paths in life. But the longest of them all is the path to the heart. While we only have one word for it, the ancient Greeks in their pursuit of wisdom and self-understanding, found seven different varieties of love that we all experience at some point.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. Hide and Seek. Everyone seems to be hankering after romantic love, but few of us realize that far from being timeless and universal, romantic love is in fact a modern construct, one that emerged in tandem with the novel.


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